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Welcome to the site dedicated to traffic preemption equipment. Traffic preemption is a type of system that allows the normal operation of traffic lights to be preempted by an IR emitting source such as strobe or LED emitter, audio device such as siren, preemption GPS unit, or radio.  The most common use of  these systems is to manipulate traffic signals  in the path of an emergency vehicle,  stopping conflicting  traffic  and  allowing the emergency vehicle right-of-way,  to help reduce response  times and enhance traffic safety.  Sometimes,  signal preemption is also used  at railroad grade crossing to prevent collisions,  and by light rail and bus rapid transit systems to allow public transportation priority access through intersections to ensure they are able to remain on schedule and improving commute times.
    There are currently four systems of preemption:
    Visit the introduction page to learn more about types of preemption.
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Remember to drive safe, so you can keep going on calls !


  • Optical Preemption Detector Identification Guide ( by GTT ).


  • Enhancing Public Safety & Saving Lives ( by US DOT ).


  •  A Cross-Cutting Study ( by US DOT ).



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